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Free Returns & Exchanges

We Aim to provide a high standard of service so that very little refunds have to be done. In the event of an issue we will always refund or exchange within 30 days. if this period is exceeded we will still try to help resolve any problems. Also if we think you have purchased something that you dont need (for example, thinnest lenses on a low prescription) we will contact you and refund you. We are here to help and not to oversell products.

How to Make a Return or Exchange

Please send any returns to our workshop:

KandM Specs
Returns and Exchange dept.
21 California Road
St Ives
PE27 6SJ

Please send them recorded so that the package is insured against loss in the post. Once recieved we will contact you. Most importantly please enclose your name and current contact details so that we can tie the sale up to your records. Please also write a reason for the return or exchange just so that we are aware of any service issues as this is important to us.