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Our spectacles are all handmade. The reason we have chosen to go down the this route is purely the quality. The material used is much more flexible in comparison with some of the other plastics used in the industry.

We also like the idea of a product that is not perfect. The idea that two products may look identical but will always have their slight differences due to them being hand made or hand crafted.


We will start with a few popular and a few wacky shapes then we plan to release a bespoke range in the near future. Follow us on social media to find out more.

Aim – to provide hand made eyewear at the same or similar cost as some of the cheaper more brittle products currently avaliable in the eyewear industry. We aim become the number one online seller for handmade specs and lenses due to our experience price point and attention to detail when it comes to taking measurements.

Inspiration – my great grandmother lived to the age of 118 with little health isssues. The one thing that she struggled with was her vision due to being exposed to uv light. This could have been eliminated if she had worn it protected specs and sunglasses. All of our specs come with uv coating and anti-reflection coatings free of charge.
Price – we are able to produce high quality frames and lenses at a fraction of the current industry standard as we design and cut all of our products in-house eliminating many of the unnecessary costs such as postage and glazing that many other companies have to factor into their prices.
Production – we produce our frames in small batches which enable us to move with the times and trends aswel as being able to offer new and improved products constantly
Material – high quality Italian acetate in a variety of colour combinations
Flexibility – all of our frames are made from a top quality plastic called acetate. This enables us to produce a durable handmade product compared with machined cheap plastics
Experience – With nearly 15 years experience in the industry we have managed to source top quality lenses at a very competitive price point. Many customers are very shocked at how much we can save them. Also having always worked in optics we have a good idea of current trends and styles and feel we have a product to suit every face shape. Even for those who say ‘glasses don’t suit me’. Over the years we have noticed that size, specifically width of frames have been an issue for many people so we have created a range that factors this in. We have previously worked with the top British eyewear brands for nearly ten years.
Customer service- We pride ourselves on customer service and have 30 day money back garuntee. All you have to do is pick a frame shape and upload your prescription and we will do the rest.
Measurements- We do not agree with the fact that many companies will sell lenses without taking the necessary measurements so we have created a few lovely hi tech tools to enable people to have correctly centred lenses and can offer varifocals online which many companies cannot do.
Aftercare and sustainability – We offer frame polishing services and the ability for people to either relens their current frames at low costs because we are trying to save the planet. Most companies will charge a lot of money for this as they feel the need to sell you a new pair every year which we feel is unnecessary. Your vision is the most important thing to us.